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Battle it Out

Our Arena

Tactical Laser Tag allows you to think strategically and battle with your friends (or enemies) in our 3000-square-foot, post-apocalyptic, themed Battle Zone with blacklights to show you the way through obstacles or, depending on which event you are participating in, in our ENTIRE building, which we call the Ultimate Battle Zone.

Individual Games

in Battle Zone

  • $6 - Per Basic Game (Team Match or Free For All)
  • Upgrades available for Modified guns and objectives

Tag Til’ You Drag - Unlimited Laser Tag Nights

Games take place in Ultimate Battle Zone

Be the first to experience many Laser Tag games, including Free 4 All, Infected, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and more!

We will be turning our entire building into the Ultimate Battle Zone, kicking up the music, and playing UNLIMITED Laser Tag!

Spots will be limited to 20 players. Advanced sign-ups are preferred; we will accept walk-ins if we are not at capacity.

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Tag Til You Drag


in Ultimate Battle Zone

Laser Tag Tournaments

Picture it, you, your team, your mission.

Whether you are into King of the Hill, Capture The Flag or Domination, you are about to have the time of your life with laser tag games against relentless opponents battling for the title Champion. Battle with high-tech laser guns with red dot sights and various weapon modes.

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Mobile Laser Tag

We bring the battle to you

What it is

We provide mobile state-of-the-art laser tag gaming. It is great for birthday parties, events, team building, fundraisers, and so much more. Whatever the event, we deliver the fun to you!

  • Availability:
    • Up to 22 sets of Battle Rifles and headbands
    • Up to 24 bunker's/obstacles
  • What makes our equipment different:
    • Day or night battling
    • No bulky equipment to wear
    • No cords to worry about
    • Each battle rifle has a genuine, red-dot sight
    • Limitless game formats include team play, zombies, free-for-all, mission-based scenarios, and more!

All you need for an epic laser tag field is a safe, hazard-free area such as your yard, church, neighborhood park, office, building, or gym!

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*We serve a “primary” service area of 30 miles from Fremont, NE. Our “secondary” service area extends beyond 30 miles in travel distance with a travel fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many can play at one party?
You can schedule a standard party for up to 10 players, but we can host much larger parties! For larger parties, we will run the players through a free-for-all, elimination, or multi-team format to ensure everyone is having a great time!
Can I play laser tag during the day?
Is there an age/height limit?
There is a height limit of 43 inches. The guns weigh about 5 pounds and can be difficult for younger players, but many have managed!
Do I have to wear a vest?
No! Our entire system is inside the gun and headset, as most players do not enjoy carrying bulky equipment. This system also makes for easy and quick swapping for larger parties!
What happens if it rains?
Moderate or heavy rain can damage our equipment, which could cause a party to be delayed, postponed, or, in rare cases, canceled. However, if it is lightly raining and there is no threat due to thunder or lightning, the party may go on at the host's discretion.
What happens if there is inclement weather?
We understand that dangerous weather is always a concern. However, we have a responsibility first to our customer's safety, then to our equipment's safety. Therefore, if we need to cancel a party, a rain check will be provided for a later date, subject to availability.
Mobile Laser Tag

Get to Know the Equipment

Battle Rifle

Battle Rifle

This state-of-the-art gun has LED lights that indicate how much health you have and a button to easily reload your ammunition.

Battle Box

Utility Box

We use our utility boxes in conjunction with our EDGE Game engine to enhance your game play.


Wireless Headband

Our Bluetooth wireless headbands enhance the experience by giving our players visual indication of hits and also provides a 360⁰ target..

Get the CallSign App

This revolutionary smartphone application allows players to use their phone to view their game stats, view their personal medals, level up and more.
Callsign App

Callsign is a mobile app that allows you to create your own gaming profile to track your stats throughout every game session you play. Now you can easily prove how good you are in the Battle Zone!!!

The game of laser tag has evolved into an ultimate gaming experience and CallSign is its interface. Download the app now to create your unique CallSign and connect with the growing community of players in your area and around the world.

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Tips for Winning at Laser Tag

Wear dark colors - Under a black light, it’s fun to wear bright, neon colors, but if you’re looking to win, you’ll want to go with dark clothing to blend into the arena. Remember–you can’t tag what you can’t see!

Explore the arena - Discover good spots to take cover and see where everyone gravitates. Taking one or two laps around the course early in the game will improve your knowledge of the arena and set you up for success.

Take cover - It’s important to remember that people will be shooting at you. For that reason, take cover to prevent a direct hit, especially while plotting your next attack.

Keep moving - Try to alternate between vantage points. Also, moving sideways is good instead of walking straight forward to make yourself a more challenging target.

Keep shooting - Once you see someone, keep firing. You’re bound to hit your target.

Follow these laser tag tips and keep honing your strategy. You’ll be an expert after a few rounds.


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